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What is a fractal?

Fractal is a pattern. Fractals are complex patterns that are -similar across different scales.

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The construction of a fractal.

The construction of a fractal is based on an , which is applied a of times, theoretically .

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Where can we find fractals in nature?

A Pineapples
Vero Falso
B Rocks
Vero Falso
C Galaxies
Vero Falso
D Ice crystals
Vero Falso
E Human skeleton
Vero Falso
F Trees
Vero Falso
G Blood vessels
Vero Falso
H Cauliflower
Vero Falso
I Clouds
Vero Falso

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A particular fractal is named triangle of...

A Phytagoras
B Bermuda
C Sierpinski
D Mandelbrot

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Pythagoras tree.

Pythagoras tree is a dimensional geometric fractal constructed from , named after the mathematician Pythagoras because of the triangles formed by the sides of the squares. The structure resembles a tree.

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